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In the beginning there was nothing. In this world lived only Death, whose name is Sa, and his wife and and their only daughter. Needing a place for his family to live, Sa eventually used his magical powers to create a vast sea of mud. They lived in this filth and instablilty for many years.

Finally the god Alatangana came to visit Sa and his family. Alatangana was appalled at the mess in which they lived, and to set things right, Alatangana first consolidated the mud into the solid earth. Then he made plants to cover the new earth, and then animals to live on it. Even Sa realized that Alatangana had made the world a much better place, and he took Alatangana in as his guest.

Alatangana was wifeless, and eventually he decided he wanted Sa's daughter for his wife. Sa explicitly refused Alatangana's request, but Alatangana wooed Sa's daughter, and eventually they eloped.

Alatangana and his new wife set up a happy home amidst the paradise that Alatangana had created from Sa's sea of mud.

They had fourteen children. Seven were girls and seven were boys, and of each four had light skin and three had dark. This did not distress Alatangana, but he and his wife were shocked to find that their children spoke different languages that the parents did not understand.

Frustrated, Alatangana finally went to Sa for advice. Sa explained that this was a curse that he had put on Alatangana's children because of the way Alatangana had stolen his daughter. Alatangana returned home, and eventually his children went off to found the peoples of the world, the French, the English, and the other European peoples, and the Kono, the Guuerze, the Manon Malinke, and the Toma Yacouba of Africa.